Video above recorded and performed by Declan in late 2018 for Oxford Prog metallers LestWeForget


Hello - thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Dec Doran, Professional Drummer, Drum Tutor and all over nice dude - or so I've been told!

Based in the south of England (Oxfordshire and London) available for Touring, Performing and Recording, Function and Dep work both nationally and internationally also offering private drum tutoring in Oxfordshire and London.





"A truly gifted and charismatic drummer who‘s drum beats pure emotion.

Infinitely adaptable and immediately able to add classy rhythms to songs of all genres whether to him previously known or unknown.


A true musician with an acute ear and perfect timing. In addition a great guy who, in all respects, is a huge asset to any band."

Kelly Wild - Aphrodite Rocks



"His ability, both as a live drummer and in the recording studio, is second to none. This, coupled with a keen eye for unique and technical percussion writing, makes him a truly special musician.

Dec is a drummer of superior ability and unparalleled professionalism."

JH Norris - Lest We Forget